Five Alarm...More

Five Alarm...More

After a particularly vivid dream several years ago, Joy Lait, a longtime glass flameworker, began working on a series of glass and stainless steel wire sculptures. The dream included color and swirling forms. Joy, as is her habit, woke up and drew something on the pad next to the bed. The next morning it was, “What the *&#%#$^#( is that.” After six months of experimentation, the work started to happen. With time, the work evolved to where it is today.


Her latest series is called “Chaos” and brings a lightness and energy to her creations. She often describes the series as her brain in motion. She enjoys watching the smiles on the viewers’ faces as they are drawn closer to the sculpture and then try to resist touching it. Her work is created with that in mind. The glass draws in the viewer and makes them want to touch as the bouncing wires make the glass dance. And she encourages the interaction.


To create these sculptures, glass is flameworked onto stainless steel wire.  The beads vary in shape and size. After annealing the glass and cleaning the wire, each wire is wound. These undulating wires are then soldered at strategic points to become a sculpture.


These creations are then hung from the wall or in a window. Depending on the look desired, the piece can be anywhere from an 18” circle to a 24” rectangle or anywhere in between. Numerous pieces can be hung together to make a larger sculpture.